Command Center


Voice & Non-Voice Business Process Management

Multi Channel Services – Calling, SMS, Email, Chat, IVR, Miss Call, Notifications, Social & Whatsapp


Voice Support

Effectively manage all your voice related services. Aided by omni-channel communication and analytics for superior customer experience

We have the expertise and skillset to effectively manage and deliver inbound and outbound voice support services. We have the experience and infrastructure for quick scaleup. We can bundle the voice offering with analytics, omni-channel communication and consultancy to offer a holistic solution.


Email & Chat Support

We offer 24x7x365 non-voice support for your sales lead’s management and customer service management

Experience the power of smart enterprise chat-support and reinvent your business. Be it sales, service or support, our highly trained team of expert executives will handle everything. Visualize the numerous possibilities smart chat will bring to your customers and your organisation.


Social Media Helpdesk

Seamless social engagement across multiple social channels to address customer queries,
requests and complaints

We offer 24×7 social media monitoring and ORM operation. With the capability of sniffing mentions from social media, message boards, blogs, complaint sites and responding in real time along-with single-view performance dashboard for client makes us unique and different.


Telephony Services

True omni-channel communication with the aid of auxilary channels like SMS, IVR, Miss-call,
Notifications & Whatsapp

Push the right message to the right customer via right medium be it App Notification, In-App Notification or Web Notification.
We offer the conventional key-press IVR solution or the next generation voice recognition enabled IVR solution
We enable our SMS’s with smart URL to track user behaviour and derive actionable insights
Miss Call
Gather customer response, consent, call back request or anything and everything and seamless integration to trigger contextual actions

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