From Data Preparation
to Visualization & Beyond



Why Data Preparation & Visualization?

Insights that matter, when they matter.

Get to the Why Faster

Uncover Insights

Maximize Revenue

Enterprise Analytics

Embedded Analytics

External Analytical Apps


Get to the why.

A powerful suite of BI and analytics products that will change the way you discover and share insights, so you can make the best decisions, faster.

Receive Automated Signals

Yellowfin Signals

Immediately see what your dashboards can’t find

Author Compelling Data Stories

Yellowfin Stories

Generate consistent, organizational understanding

Build AI-powered Dashboards

Yellowfin Dashboards

Understand what changed & why?

Prepare Data for Analysis

Yellowfin Data Prep

Connect and transform your data

Analyze data & discover insights

Yellowfin Data Discovery

Uncover actionable information

Explore Transition of Data to Insights

Cloudpoint Technologies is Reseller & Implementation Partner for Yellowfin BI